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e marketing 101 KISS

Plenty of cola, beer and car ads with a social media extravaganza. Here are the stats that matter.

Judge approves US$69 million e-book settlement from Dept. of Justice. Amazon’s discount pricing strategy will continue to squeeze profit margins while list prices climb.

ComMetrics benchmarking method: This session addresses the ropes to skip when using offline ad campaigns for promoting social media activities of your brand.

This review outlines some parts of this conference and points out where social media could still have an impact for positive social change.

No one has been more successful at getting consumers to pay for digital wares than Apple, but now, they need to tread carefully: we tell you why.

Social media monitoring, social media strategy: And the winner is? Customer service often fails, and worse, white papers often fail to illuminate the real issues.

Social media marketing – what is good customer service according to Lucy Kellaway, Steve Jobs, Chelsea Isaacs, FT and Electrolux… or NOT.

Start working on your social media footprint to build your personal brand while getting the job you want. Learn from mistakes and fine-tune your skills to win.

Mr. Buffett is known for making smart investment choices. But can his GEICO car insurance strategy or Gillette razor model be applied effectively using social media?

Consumers love Apple and Google because their products follow the laws of simplicity. But will their growing market dominance become a problem in 2010 and beyond?