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No one has been more successful at getting consumers to pay for digital wares than Apple, but now, they need to tread carefully: we tell you why.

Social media metrics and ambush marketing DOs and DON’Ts. From Apple’s iPhone 4 hardware defect to Goldman’s measly SEC fine and beyond.

The freemium model is a variant of free successfully used by Eudora Light (an email program launched 1988) that provides a core set of free features to all users. But as all freemium users have found, revenue must be generated to pay the piper. This is where Eudora failed and what might also lead to Twitter’s demise.

ComMetrics Weekend – read what your competition does not want you to KNOW about Calgary, George Soros, the US Federal Reserve System, Twitter, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the security problem with your Apple iPhone and more.