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e marketing 101 serving a need

What makes a great infographic? How do you make it go viral? 10 warning signs your infographic will sink.

Gattiker, Urs E. Social Media Audits: Achieving deep impact and great resonance without sacrificing the bottom line

Surprise! Success for your brand’s Facebook page requires creating content that is worth sharing, NOT focusing on engagement.

Good for business or a wild public meeting? With the many comments in any minute, Twitter chats can turn a bit stressful.

Statistics and infographics are best understood if used together with a metaphor or analogy. We explain how to make this work for you.

So your bank follows you on Twitter… does that mean they really like and pay attention to you or are they just going with the flow of non-starter corporate social media efforts?

E-readers are the new it gadget and everyone wants one, but are they really so wonderful or will they cause paperbacks to disappear? The answer is, neither.

US smartphone shoppers do price comparisons and try to get in-store deals. However, Europeans tend to do things differently while still getting the best deal.