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Warren Buffett

Mr. Buffett is known for making smart investment choices. But can his GEICO car insurance strategy or Gillette razor model be applied effectively using social media?

CEO blogs, c-suite blogs or executive blogs that are:being candid, addressing timely matters, being controversial from time to time, while targeting a specific audience can be a real help for your corporate brand regardless of the size of the company. This means micro firms may benefit as much as an FT500 corporation if their CEO […]

When you sit on a plane, things can pretty scary as this example shows. For 130 passengers, their Lufthansa A320 flight from Munich to Fuhlsbuettel Airport in Hamburg last Saturday could have ended in disaster. The powerful winter storm system called EMMA caused 90 kilometer-per-hour crosswinds on one of the runway’s at the Hamburg airport. […]

2008-02-29 – Friday – Berkshire’s shares were worth U.S. $140,000 EACH – this is a 30% increase within 12 months! The Sage calls time on insurance party and points out to shareholders to ‘… be prepared for lower insurance earnings for the next few years.’ Nonetheless, Berkshire’s potential problems seem pale in comparison with the […]