Disclosure policy

2009/06/08 · 1 comment 12,251 views

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All else being equal, when we mention a product this means we have used it extensively ourselves. Ownership might be with the company or one of our employees. In most cases this means we purchased the product  awhile back based on our use decided to write about it.

There are products we have purchased that we have never mentioned on this blog. This was not due to the quality of the products, but because we did not feel we could add anything to the discussion.

Of course, we may have mentioned a product that we do not even own. However, this might have happened because the product or service related to a post or provided readers with a different perspective.

In some instances, we are provided with a testing device or product by the vendor or a distributor. If this happens and we write about it you will be informed (see small print).

You may also find a short note like the one below to further clarify matters:

ComMetrics disclosure: This article contains no conflict of interest on our part; we purchased all of the books or products mentioned and were given none as samples (see FTC guidelines for disclosure).