RSS and e-mail: It is all about user-retention!

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This page explains how you can get our content either via e-mail or RSS – nice and easy – whatever you prefer.

You can receive this blog’s content via e-mail by entering your address below:

About 20 minutes after entering the e-mail, please check your in-box for a confirmation e-mail.
Please, check also your spam box since it might have ended up there.  Click on the link provided

In turn you will then receive a summary of the next blog post with a URL to read the full post – nice and easy.

Get our blog's feed - ComMetrics - Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication is an easy way to track the latest newsYou can also subscribe to our RSS feed for new blog posts:


You can also get our feed for comments, so whenever sombedoy comments you will be one of the first to know about it by having it delivered with our RSS feed to your Outlook or Tunderbird in-box.


Tip:   If you wish to set up our RSS feed to be delivered to Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird Mail we explain how to do this at our ComMetrics University blog (step-by-step – in German or English if you prefer)

Customising RSS feeds – neat

    Below we explain how you can customise our RSS feed to get a few categories, comments to one or more categories, instead of the complete feed (remember we usually have about 2 posts a week only).

When you look at your blog you must make sure that your users remain faifthful readers of your content.

In turn, because people have limited time, category-specific feeds are a real savior. So if you are interested in our blog but do not want to receive one post a week but, instead, only those that are of interest to you, I urge you to make a category type feed instead.

One category this post is assigned to is FT ComMetrics Blog Index which gives you the following link:

Important is the category number 284. Hence, the RSS feed delivering me posts that fall under this category only is:

If you want to subscribe to the comments you use

If you want comments pertaining to posts that are archived under category 284 – FT ComMetrics Blog Index, you do as follows:

So this helps you to customise your feed to suit your needs best. Happy reading and thanks for being a part of ComMetrics. If you prefer, you can get each post via e-mail instead:

Find also more information here: RSS – the myth or why it fails with my readers

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