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Books with insight – Social Media Audit
Guides to social media marketing are plentiful but tools for better reputation management, engagement and social business are lacking.
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Below are short summaries of some of my books.

2013 – Social Media Audit: Measure for ImpactISBN 978-1-4614-3602-7

Click for more info - Gattiker, Urs E. (2013). Social Media Audit: Measuring for Impact – ISBN 978-1-4614-3602-7This book is for practitioners that want to get a handle on their own social media activities.

Using a non-nonsense style, the book provides checklists and templates that can be used either in full, expanded upon for more detail, or used in part to suit your needs.

The book provides a full and comprehensive template for doing a social media audit in your organization, allowing you to assess the current situation in the form of an inventory (i.e. what you are doing today, where you stand). In addition, I provide guidance and checklists permitting you to assess if the objectives or performance targets set have been reached.

In particular, the book focuses on identifying what social media use impacts the bottom line. A scorecard is also provided to help show how well the company does in comparison to best practice.

120 pages.

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2014 – Social Media Audits: Achieving deep impact without sacrificing the bottom line

Urs E. Gattiker's latest book - Measure what matters in social media.This book addresses how to measure for impact, providing a conceptual, theoretical, and managerial perspective. Step by step, I outline how to test, implement, and refine a strategy, while keeping track of outcomes and their impact on the bottom line.

The book begins by explaining why a strategy may be the wrong thing to start your social media journey with. Instead learning quick and failing fast is more effective.

Part 1 sets the stage, while Part 2 focuses on outlining the measurement types that work best, and how they can be customised to your organizational setting if necessary. All this is used to show you can monitor performance to ensure you remain on track to reach quarterly objectives.

Part 3 features two case studies that outline how the concepts, techniques and tools presented can be put into practice in vastly different companies that both keep careful track of their respective budgets. The reader will find plenty of checklists and how-to guides, to help you avoid some common mistakes.

There are plenty of URLs throughout that allow readers of the electronic version to access more information with one click (the printed version requires inputting the URL in your browser, but the information is still available).

Social media platforms discussed include: Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Second Life, Tencent, Twitter, Tumblr, Viadeo, Xing, Yahoo!, and many more, as well as corporate blogs and websites, of course.

Approx. 240 pages.

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Urs E. Gattiker, Ph.D. - CyTRAP Labs - ComMetrics.

The author: This post was written by social media marketing and strategy expert Urs E. Gattiker, who also writes about issues that connect social media, strategy, ROI and compliance (click Google Scholar), and thrives on the challenge of measuring how it all affects your bottom line.

His latest book, Social Media Audit: Measure for Impact, was recently published by Springer Science Publishers; he is currently working on his next book, scheduled to appear before the end of the year.

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