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Internationally-renowned security and risk technologist, author and blogger Urs E. Gattiker is both a Founder and the Chief Technology Officer of CyTRAP Labs GmbH.

CyTRAP Labs provides corporate governance and social media services to organizations worldwide.

Using sophisticated analysis and correlation tools, CyTRAP Labs’ expert Internet Analysts monitor suspicious internal and external activities, user and community behavior, business goals, and web technology to craft and deliver long term successful web and corporate risk management programs for companies.

Urs is the inventor of the ComMetrics benchmark battery of tools.

One of these, the FT/ComMetrics corporate blog index empowers the FT Global 500 companies to compare the value of their blogging activities against to that target information security prevention and safety, with other enterprises.

Dr. Gattiker is the author or co-author of several books on computer viruses, technology and risk management.

Gattiker holds a PhD. degree in business focusing on computing/informatics and an MBA (international marketing) both from Claremont Graduate University (Claremont Colleges) and an BS degree in public administration/informatics from the HWV Zurich.

CyTRAP Labs GmbH Telefon: +41 (0)44 272-1876
Roentgenstrasse 49 E-Mai: Info at
8005 Zurich

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