Why benchmark

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If you are serious about improving your company’s performance regarding online marketing and achieving an industry-leading position, there is no substitute for a quality benchmarking as offered by ComMetrics.

There are three strategic reasons for using ComMetrics to benchmark:

1. Setting objectives and action programs. Know where you are and know where you are moving toward. Benchmark ratios are inherently measurable and comparable.

They help you focus your attention on the most controllable aspects of your online and social media activities (e.g., blogging for results). Success and failure can be clearly evaluated.

2. Monitor your performance. Keep your eye on the ball. Benchmark ratios provide an objective standard by which to measure your website’s or blog’s performance. By tracking key measurements at regular intervals, you can pay closer attention to those key factors that affect your firm’s performance.

Follow the numbers, and the numbers will set you free.

3. Share the results. You should communicate your results internally and externally.

Benchmark ratios enable your investors, owners and clients to objectively evaluate your online media efforts and positioning (e.g., branding).

Clients and business associates can use them to better understand your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to social media and the web.

Use your ratios to better manage your online efforts, securing your annual marketing budget while spending it more wisely to improve your bottom line.

Make meaning, not just buzz – make money, not just web traffic
a straightforward dashboard makes getting necessary information a snapTo help you blog more effectively, we provide you with SMART metrics (specific, manageable, actionable, relevant, trending performance measures) that follow the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid).

My.ComMetrics.com provides one with relevant blog metrics for diary, personal and business blogs – why not gain  insight instead of hindsight?

Join our many satisfied customers (e.g., Financial Times case study).

Visit My.ComMetrics.com get a straightforward dashboard for straightforward answers.
If you lack management support for your social media initiatives, then competitive intelligence is your new best friend.
My.ComMetrics helps you find the right set of benchmarks to assure using best practice in your corporation.