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The freemium model is a variant of free successfully used by Eudora Light (an email program launched 1988) that provides a core set of free features to all users. But as all freemium users have found, revenue must be generated to pay the piper. This is where Eudora failed and what might also lead to Twitter’s demise.

We provide the intelligence and benchmark data about Fortune 500 or FT Global 500 corporate blogs. Here we explain how the list of blogs were compiled – make sure your firm’s blogs are included in the list by adding a URL in a comment. The index will be published May 13 in the FT.

Social media analytics matter. This post addresses the challenges for blogging politicians, such as the Obama-Biden ’08 dream-team and John McCain’s efforts on Twitter ;-). Politicians are using social media for reaching out to the public more effectively. How effective are they? Ropes to skip ==> we help you move from good practice to best practice when it comes to blogging.

Social Media Influence conference in London UK last week – so we we become passionate, we monitor Facebook, Twitter and so on – now what? You have to innovate, however if you do, will they come in droves or will you fail to attract the kind of traffic you want? Insight instead of hindsight is […]

Building trust in your brand – BBC or Business Wire – took a lot of effort. Loosing it by mishandling social media takes a few mistakes only as the cases below illustrate. For bloggers, this post shows that being given a Google PageRank of 9 does not mean you should re-distribute or cite content without […]

Everybody is awaiting Firefox 3.0 and many are in midst of testing the Beta 4 version Recently we came across another test and we started to ask if the journalist had followed good or best practice, a mix or none at all. We address this in more detail and outline why most tests comparing the […]

good practice or best practice: what shall it be?

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/02/21 · 1 comment 1 views

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We have stories filed under the main category: good practice preventing flops (you are here – main category browse down for more info) data and statistics marketing 101 usability and friendliness What is the difference between good practice and best practice? The terms may be used interchangeably but mean different things. Here we outline how […]