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By now you probably know that diligent work is being done to get the numbers ready to publish the FT ComMetrics Blog Index, which ranks FT Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies’ corporate blogs.

The 2009 index will appear in the Financial Times newspaper’s regular supplement on Digital Business as well as on its webpage (www.ft.com/digitalbusiness) on Wednesday, May 13.

We have described different facets of this project in previous posts:
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I thought you might benefit from some of my background research on this topic. And I’d appreciate your help in curating this list by providing more details and submitting additional cases.

>> Last update: 12 March 2009
>> Total # of corporate blogs from FT Global 500 companies: 73 (part of a larger and expanding database).

The following examples of companies using social media marketing with the help of blogs are listed in alphabetical order:

Actual FT ComMetrics Blog Index from FT Global 500

  1. ABB
  2. Accenture
  3. Adobe
  4. Alcoa
  5. Amazon
  6. American Express
  7. Arcelor Mittal
  8. Aviva plc
  9. Bank of America
  10. Bayer
  11. Berkshire Hathaway
  12. BNP Paribas – Fortis
  13. Boeing Corporation
  14. Chevron
  15. Cisco
  16. Coca-Cola Company
  17. Daimler
  18. Dell Inc.
  19. Deutsche Telekom
  20. e-Bay
  21. E.ON
  22. EMC Corp
  23. Emerson Electric
  24. Ericsson AB
  25. Fedex
  26. Fiat
  27. France Telecom
  28. General Electric
  29. GlaxoSmithKline
  30. Google Inc.
  31. Henkel
  32. Hewlett Packard
  33. IBM
  34. InBev
  35. ING
  36. Johnson & Johnson
  37. Johnson Controls
  38. Kimberley-Clark
  39. Kraft Foods
  40. McDonald’s
  41. Microsoft
  42. Motorola
  43. Nestle
  44. News Corporation
  45. Nike
  46. Nissan
  47. Nokia
  48. Novo Nordisk
  49. Oracle
  50. Petro Canada
  51. Procter & Gamble
  52. Renault
  53. Reuters
  54. Royal Bank of Canada
  55. Royal/Dutch Shell
  56. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.
  57. SAP
  58. Siemens
  59. Sony Corporation
  60. Swisscom
  61. Sygenta
  62. Telenor ASA
  63. Telia Sonera AB
  64. Telstra
  65. Time-Warner Inc
  66. Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc.
  67. Unilever
  68. Verizon Communications
  69. Viacom
  70. Volvo AB
  71. Wal-Mart
  72. Wells Fargo & Company
  73. Yahoo!

::::  If your blog is not on this list (even if your company already has another blog on this list), enter its URL as a comment below. For every company listed, we select the best-performing blog and include it on the index. Some companies (e.g., Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, Nestlé, Siemens, Volvo) have more than two blogs in our database but only the best one is included in this list, so you may be aware of a blog that we don’t know about. By entering the URL below you can help the company move up in these rankings by providing us with a blog that might perform better than the one we have used here. So please share and contribute below.

Notice anything missing? Whether a Fortune 500 or FT Global 500 blog, leave a link and description in the comments below. The main list will continue to expand to ensure inclusion of all qualifying corporate blogs.

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