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Measures is based on empiricism while metrics are a composite of measures. This affects how we benchmark social media efforts. Find out – read on we tell you the story. If you do not have a benchmark, ComMetrics allows you to explain why not. We began a few weeks back with setting the basics. In […]

social media ropes to skip: Twitter FAQ #4

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/06/17 · 2 comments 1 views

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Succeeding on Twitter means avoiding making some of the most obvious mistakes, such as: Mistake 1 – let us wait Mistake 2 – NOT moderating the aggregate Twitter feed, Mistake 3 – focusing on absolute number of followers we explained this here: social media – ropes to skip – Twitter – FAQ #1 Mistake 4 […]

We monitor Facebook and Twitter as some of the presenters suggested to do if we care about social media influence. We can top this by confirming that our CEO has done a video that is spreading via YouTube and viral channels. In fact, we believe that our customers are engaged.So what? How much does this […]

Okay, so everybody is making a video and YouTube is king. Your boss is convinced that you have to put more videos on YouTube to reach and engage a larger audience. As an owner of an SME, do you care about traffic and the fuzzy feeling and buzz you might get or is it the […]

Social Media Influence conference in London UK last week – so we we become passionate, we monitor Facebook, Twitter and so on – now what? You have to innovate, however if you do, will they come in droves or will you fail to attract the kind of traffic you want? Insight instead of hindsight is […]

Okay, so we have become passionate about social media and, most importantly, we monitor Facebook, Twitter and so on – now what?You monitor social media but are your metrics really telling you about how much influence you have on the conversation? Find out – read on we tell you the story. Whilst attending the social […]

There are risks if you allow your employees to use Facebook, nevertheless, the risks should be managed properly. Focus on your business goals, start quick and get your footprint out. Interoperability between social network and internet will happen, nevertheless scalability is the issue. Banning Facebook is not the solution as this morning showed attending the […]