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ComMetrics Week in Review – the way we saw the World Wide Web this week: financial greed driving Porsche to the abyss while Adobe shows irresponsibility with its clients’ security.

ComMetrics Weekend – read what your competition does not want you to KNOW about Dubai, DoubleClick, Flickr, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, GM, Twitter, Swedish EU Presidency, Wal-Mart, Xing and more.

good practice or best practice: what shall it be?

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/02/21 · 1 comment 1 views

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We have stories filed under the main category: good practice preventing flops (you are here – main category browse down for more info) data and statistics marketing 101 usability and friendliness What is the difference between good practice and best practice? The terms may be used interchangeably but mean different things. Here we outline how […]

We all know that one must watch for cultural (e.g., religion, language) and commercial (e.g., no credit cards used here) differences. As well, technical factors could result in different usability or interface requirements across countries. Here we focus on technical differences or peculiarities, since these are the most likely ones to trip up your site. […]

Usage varies enormously across Europe. – bloggers may want to boycott rankings, and – Silicon Valley may not always get it right. Things around the world are getting more complicated for sure. Hence, firms that focus on understanding and respecting differences across cultures and countries will do better. In that context, we came across […]

What matters is reaching the right people by the right means. A short while back we started this series with: 1 sensible metrics – how to measure success of a blog – the basics It is obvious that instead of measuring quantity, we have to measure quality. Only when we do that will the true […]