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The ComMetrics social media diary is our summary of who we met in the social media space, as well as marketing buzz, metrics trends and tidbits worth sharing.

Who says you cannot get Twitter to teach Microsoft new tricks? IBM and Facebook’s research projects reveal great insights, plus free tools and more!

When was the first banner ad used? What do Stella Artois and Löwenbräu have in common? Survey says the largest tweet-up ever is… Plus, free tools and more!

ComMetrics Week in Review: eBookers brings spam to Twitter in a big way while Google invades privacy with Chrome. Plus, free tools and more!

Luxury brands are embracing corporate blogging, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This post explains why engaging with 20-somethings through social media is a must.

ComMetrics Week in Review: GM and eBay collaboration fails, Morgan Stanley reports on Internet trends, LinkedIn and Xing: pure time-wasters? Plus, free tools and more!

ComMetrics Week in Review: Pepsi fails social media test, Oklahoma road fatalities thanks to Twitter and Google enters cyber-slave trade. Plus, free tools and more!

ComMetrics Week in Review: Google launches Sidewiki, but not for Chrome, Microsoft blames Chrome for security issues and Audi teams up with PlayStation… and more!

The freemium model is a variant of free successfully used by Eudora Light (an email program launched 1988) that provides a core set of free features to all users. But as all freemium users have found, revenue must be generated to pay the piper. This is where Eudora failed and what might also lead to Twitter’s demise.

ComMetrics weekly review: Friendfeed to Berlusconi

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2009/08/09 · 13 comments 10,082 views

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ComMetrics Week in Review – the way we saw the World Wide Web this week. Is it tech-savvy or foolishness that Oscar Grübel avoids using social media to save UBS while Silvio Berlusconi has more pictures taken of his sexual escapades to bolster his image? The mind boggles.