good practice or best practice: what shall it be?

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What is the difference between good practice and best practice? The terms may be used interchangeably but mean different things.

Here we outline how we use good practice and best practice at ComMetrics in order to benchmark your online activities.

What is Best Practice?

Best Practice is a superior method or innovative practice that contributes to the improved performance of an organization, usually recognized as “best” by other peer organizations.

It implies accumulating and applying knowledge about what is working and not working in different situations and contexts, including lessons learned and the continuing process of learning, feedback, reflection and analysis (what works, how and why).

What is Good Practice?

Good Practice means to carry out a function or testing using only recommended or approved methods (e.g., food regulation).

Good practice documents may include guidelines, codes of practice, procedures manuals, regulations, and other documents as is the case in occupational health and safety. Employers must document that they follow regulations. Required is the documenting of procedures and privacy violations.

To illustrate:

Canada’s Good Importing Practices For Food (GIP) is a voluntary code of practice to be used as a guideline for Canadian importers. It is designed to encourage them to create their own hygiene controls to help improve food safety and meet regulatory requirements.
The GIP is broad in scope and nature. It deals not only with the key controls necessary to limit safety risks but also provides direction on control measures related to fraud, and on preventing deviations in standard, grade and composition of imported food

Why should you browse through AND read content in the sub-categories of good practice preventing flops?

Sub-categories under the main heading bring you examples that others and we would categorize as being best practice or following good practice. However, discussing flops to learn from mistakes is part of our coverage.

To illustrate, record company executives expect 8 out of 10 records to flop, and pay for that with the 2 expected hits.

We help in making your marketing efforts a success. So start learning from other people’s flops. Join the conversation!

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Bottom line

Making the cash register ring is important. So is building your your brand with the help of social marketing.

Knowing what works, how and why as well as avoiding making too many mistakes will save you money and time. ComMetrics empowers you to learn from success stories as well as flops — read on.


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