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Are you using Feedburner, Feedblitz, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups or other free services. By doing so, you may antangonize your target audience. So before benchmarking – do some house cleaning first. Recently much attention has been focusing on metrics and benchmarking. We have posted some material ourselves including links to important metrics stuff on the […]

So post-it notes and notebooks is what Twitter is to blogs – a sort of micro-blogging that is becoming ever more popular with users. Some have argued that all this microblogging is helping us to become less effective Some people have compared post-it notes and notebooks to what Twitter is to blogs. However, Twitter is […]

Does live tweeting add value to your conference experience or is it just another distraction? Will tomorrow’s conference require us to check in the gun – pardon mobile devices to assure that the audience stays focused? Some have argued that all this microblogging is helping us to become less effective In the past we believed […]

How to make sure much of the conversation is being lost in the shuffle; or what it takes to stop the conversation before it had a chance to start What to do to stop the conversation from continuing when using social media tools. BBC has its own blogs, of course. These are successful destinations for […]

Daily Me: Benchmarking Arianna Huffington

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/04/08 1 views

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Web wins in White House race – but besides being good for Arianna Huffington’s daily me blogging – is it any good for you voters out there? More than a decade ago the technology specialist, Nicholas Negroponte, pro-phesied the emergence of the Daily Me – a fully personalized newspaper. During these times, the US presidential […]

Intel is using the SEC’s new default electronic delivery process for e-proxy materials smartly. 2008-04-02 Intel Corporation demonstrated that the Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC – U.S. regulatory agency) new default electronic delivery process for e-proxy materials works GREAT if used correctly. We have been watching about 200 companies or there abouts using the new […]

Google can definitely steer some traffic your way. Unfortunately, search engine traffic is quite often low quality traffic that will not stay around. Accordingly, search engine traffic gets what it wants from your website, thereafter, it moves on to another site on the net. The same applies to traffic coming from social bookmarking sites such […]

Going Solo: Ropes to Skip

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/03/31 1 views

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One of our readers has read about Going Solo – an upcoming conference in Lausanne (see logo below) and wanted to know if he should attend AND what he might get out of it. I tried to assess this issue from my perspective. Please keep in mind that I have registered myself, paid the fee […]

One of our readers has sent us a question. We think you might be interested in hearing about our answer to this reader. The question below addresses the strategic issue about how to identify and serve one’s niche more effectively, while making one’s blog more attractive to the target audience(s). The question posted to us […]

London hedge fund Endeavour Capital loses 27% David Rubenstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group fails to save $22bn Carlyle Capital Corporation (CCC) fund JPMorgan wanted to buy Bear Stearns for $2 a share, upped the price to $10  (remember, in Dec. 2007  the share price was over $80 and more than 30% of the stock […]