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In real estate, location is the be-all and end-all. In social media it is rankings, but can we trust them?

Good for business or a wild public meeting? With the many comments in any minute, Twitter chats can turn a bit stressful.

Social media monitoring and marketing: The 900-98-1.5-0.5 rule helps clients embrace the ‘free to use, pay to play’ concept and limit opportunity costs.

This blog post outlines why Pepsi and Coca-Cola’s difficulties effectively mastering social media channels could be an opportunity for your company.

Every type of blog has a different set of appropriate KPIs, so you must understand why you are blogging, and which 3 metrics to use to measure your success.

Blog comments still matter and every blogger cares about comment quality. Clara from Wendy’s shares her insights for getting more quality comments for your blog.

Bottomless goody bag: Fair product reviews

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2009/06/10 · 9 comments 14,233 views

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While ethics guide daily personal behavior, morals constrain our pursuit of personal interests. How does this affect journalists or bloggers who receive freebies from vendors or test gadgets and then publish their experiences?

Where’s that list? You know, the one you want to show your boss of big-label corporate blogs that perform in the top 100 rankings using the FT Global 500 and Fortune 500?
Oh yeah, here it is.

I don’t care if RSS usage is 5% or 25%, stable or growing. To achieve better RSS reader retention I began offering my readers customised RSS feeds.