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Social media audit: 3 things you must take care of to convince your boss that your budget is money spent smartly.

Social media monitoring and marketing: Whether you use Flickr, Gmail or Facebook, how can you make sure that your words and images live on? Find out!

Our summary of who we met in social media space, metrics trends and marketing buzz: Google and Twitter backlash, Steve Jobs, IBM, facial recognition software.

Mashable and TIME’s Twitter failure

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2009/10/01 · 15 comments 40,140 views

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Mashable and TIME magazine fail to understand Twitter: it gets you no closer to clients and doesn’t change how we do business. We give you the real truth.

Okay, so everybody is making a video and YouTube is king. Your boss is convinced that you have to put more videos on YouTube to reach and engage a larger audience. As an owner of an SME, do you care about traffic and the fuzzy feeling and buzz you might get or is it the […]

Building trust in your brand – BBC or Business Wire – took a lot of effort. Loosing it by mishandling social media takes a few mistakes only as the cases below illustrate. For bloggers, this post shows that being given a Google PageRank of 9 does not mean you should re-distribute or cite content without […]

Social media: Defining a concept

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/04/24 · 5 comments 1 views

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Everybody talks about social media but do we understand what the concept means? What is social media measurement? Before you start measuring social media efforts, make sure you focus these efforts. Remember, doing a good job while building brand and reputation takes many more resources than you first might think. Social media can be defined […]

London hedge fund Endeavour Capital loses 27% David Rubenstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group fails to save $22bn Carlyle Capital Corporation (CCC) fund JPMorgan wanted to buy Bear Stearns for $2 a share, upped the price to $10  (remember, in Dec. 2007  the share price was over $80 and more than 30% of the stock […]

Everybody wants to measure performance of social media efforts – nevertheless, do these metrics make sense? Telling me that defining the right objectives for my blog sounds helpful. Even advice given regarding the need for measuring accomplishments against targets set is useful. However sometimes we compare apples with oranges and confuse matters more than we […]

Ever more Fortune 500 and a few smaller outfits want to start their corporate blogs or have already blazed down that trail ahead of you… Nevertheless, a successful blog is a journey and not a destination. Hence, tie your shoe laces and get yourself ready for the long run. We address this in more detail […]