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Why hashtags and influential Twitter users may not matter. The best tools that help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

Does running special deals and promotions while offering incentives to your Twitter followers increase your net worth? Will your best clients participate? Doubtful…

Success is about being able to make yourself visible within social groups to help you gain a reputation. Here are 4 tips that help you get there.

Everybody wants a million followers on Twitter or Facebook, but most can only dream of such numbers. What factors are critical for better follower-engagement?

The ComMetrics social media diary is our summary of who we met in the social media space, as well as marketing buzz, metrics trends and tidbits worth sharing.

What do you want: useless vanity metrics or data that convinces your boss and helps improve your social media impact? You can get there in 5 easy steps.

This case study outlines how conferences’ demands for value from bloggers may be bad for trust-building and respect, plus encourage unethical behavior.

Who says you cannot get Twitter to teach Microsoft new tricks? IBM and Facebook’s research projects reveal great insights, plus free tools and more!

Transparency is needed in business. The US FTC’s new blog-endorsement regulations strive to achieve it but fail miserably. We tell you how.

Web 2.0 technologies are here to stay, and social media is becoming an important tool for public relations experts and marketing gurus. This trend has resulted in a growing interest in measurements and metrics that are supposed to help assess one’s progress in the use of social media for brand building, communicating and so on. […]