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The good, the bad and the ugly about corporate blogs. A URL that is hard to remember is never a good strategy, but changing your URL is not helpful if you want to climb the rankings of the FT ComMetrics Blog Index, to be published May 14 in the Financial Times.

We provide the intelligence and benchmark data about Fortune 500 or FT Global 500 corporate blogs. Here we explain how the list of blogs were compiled – make sure your firm’s blogs are included in the list by adding a URL in a comment. The index will be published May 13 in the FT.

Managers prepare for a rough ride in 2009. ComMetrics looks at how market turmoil will continue to put pressure on social media to deliver the goods. This case describes HSBC’s floundering efforts to build a vibrant online platform for its small business clients in the UK. Steps needed for rescuing the sinking ship are outlined and discussed.

British comedian Darius Davies takes Beck’s beer …. or fails with the company’s new blog adventure. This is a case where a brand and its advertising agency have managed to break most good practice guidelines bloggers adhere to. Besides questionable content the blog is not very user-friendly at all – easy navigation remains a pipe dream. This post explains why beer lovers will not want to re-visit this blog is explained below – read and learn.

American Express’ strategy for its corporate blog is only the start. Making it happen is what counts. This post addresses AMEX’s approach to blogging that uses content tailored to the needs of small business owners. The post addresses the issue of brand building and getting the cash register to ring with this social media project.

Do the blogging efforts by Volvo Buses and Volvo Ocean Race corporate bloggers achieve their objectives? Do these blogs reach their target audience? We took a measuring stick and checked it out. The case study ends with some suggestions that, if implemented, will help improve things quickly without much work for the corporate bloggers at Volvo.

Measures is based on empiricism while metrics are a composite of measures. This affects how we benchmark social media efforts. Find out – read on we tell you the story. If you do not have a benchmark, ComMetrics allows you to explain why not. We began a few weeks back with setting the basics. In […]