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Press freedom vs. privacy. Information quality vs. cost. And the winner is? Three trends to worry about and two tips to help newspapers ride out the storm.

We provide the intelligence and benchmark data about Fortune 500 or FT Global 500 corporate blogs. Here we explain how the list of blogs were compiled – make sure your firm’s blogs are included in the list by adding a URL in a comment. The index will be published May 13 in the FT.

Ever more users enjoy their browsing experience with Firefox (check out Firefox 3, it’s great). Moreover, being aware of information security issues many Firefox users protect themselves better against script-side attacks, they take advtange of the Java noScript add-on for Firefox.Unfortunately, ever more often blogs require one to give temporary permission for certain scripts to […]

One can get lost in the conversation metrics for Twitter, so I began mapping a few measurements of my own to see if they made sense. It might be of interest to understand how one could measure the reach, influence, reputation management through through micro-blogging using some conversation metrics that tell the whole story. I […]

They all left Second Life after internal benchmarking exercises showed things were not going so well. Usually we say – name, content and brand matter – everything else is frosting. However, as the experiences of famous brands with Second Life demonstrate, brand is not everything in the virtual world. Instead, changing the act regularly, offering […]

It is not where you start from that is important, it is where you end up as illustrated here: Paris Fashion to organize Davos 2010 Doing things in style – stiletto heels and Tahitian shades If fashion teaches us anything it is that: any era-defining cultural event, style or catchphrase will always reappear in some […]

When you sit on a plane, things can pretty scary as this example shows. For 130 passengers, their Lufthansa A320 flight from Munich to Fuhlsbuettel Airport in Hamburg last Saturday could have ended in disaster. The powerful winter storm system called EMMA caused 90 kilometer-per-hour crosswinds on one of the runway’s at the Hamburg airport. […]

2008-02-29 – Friday – Berkshire’s shares were worth U.S. $140,000 EACH – this is a 30% increase within 12 months! The Sage calls time on insurance party and points out to shareholders to ‘… be prepared for lower insurance earnings for the next few years.’ Nonetheless, Berkshire’s potential problems seem pale in comparison with the […]

This post addresses goals 1-4. A follow up post will discuss goals more If you intend to make money from advertising on your site (e.g., with Google ads) or to sell books, this post will not interest you. If you are blogging for your own pleasure – maybe this is interesting. However, if you are […]

We all know that one must watch for cultural (e.g., religion, language) and commercial (e.g., no credit cards used here) differences. As well, technical factors could result in different usability or interface requirements across countries. Last week we brought you: b – browser usage varies enormously – ignore Firefox at your peril where we addressed […]