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4 tips for successful tweeting

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2010/05/26 · 20 comments 8,647 views

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Dedicated followers are actually interested in your tweets. Perseverance and providing regular content that is valuable to your followers is critical to success.

Effective SEO is important to get high search engine rankings for any website. These hands-on tips reduce the time needed to improve SEO with WordPress.

4 lessons or ropes to skip.

Unified communications – for Microsoft and Nokia this term likely implies the integration of different communication technologies (e.g., software, hardware and vendor head aches) and streams of communication (e.g., e-mail, SMS, voice over IP and video). Unified communications – strategy – deciding what and how social media such as Twitter or Friendfeed can be used […]

One of our readers has sent us a question. We think you might be interested in hearing about our answer to this reader. The question below addresses the strategic issue about how to identify and serve one’s niche more effectively, while making one’s blog more attractive to the target audience(s). The question posted to us […]

Ever more Fortune 500 and a few smaller outfits want to start their corporate blogs or have already blazed down that trail ahead of you… Nevertheless, a successful blog is a journey and not a destination. Hence, tie your shoe laces and get yourself ready for the long run. We address this in more detail […]

This post addresses goals 1-4. A follow up post will discuss goals more If you intend to make money from advertising on your site (e.g., with Google ads) or to sell books, this post will not interest you. If you are blogging for your own pleasure – maybe this is interesting. However, if you are […]