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Blogging and Tweeting means that the same power used to amplify promotions also makes any missteps very public ones. UBS AG could try using social media to better communicate how it will emerge from the wreckage that made its shares sink to junk status. Imagine that.

Going Solo Live has started, and it started with Stephanie Booth opening the conference and no @Pistachio is online. I keep blogging about this. We have written quite a bit about this conference, such as: social media – ropes to skip – Twitter – FAQ #2 social media metrics – trust is earned, so building […]

Unified communications – for Microsoft and Nokia this term likely implies the integration of different communication technologies (e.g., software, hardware and vendor head aches) and streams of communication (e.g., e-mail, SMS, voice over IP and video). Unified communications – strategy – deciding what and how social media such as Twitter or Friendfeed can be used […]