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This post addresses goals 1-4. A follow up post will discuss goals more If you intend to make money from advertising on your site (e.g., with Google ads) or to sell books, this post will not interest you. If you are blogging for your own pleasure – maybe this is interesting. However, if you are […]

We all know that one must watch for cultural (e.g., religion, language) and commercial (e.g., no credit cards used here) differences. As well, technical factors could result in different usability or interface requirements across countries. Last week we brought you: b – browser usage varies enormously – ignore Firefox at your peril where we addressed […]

Reading the above headline, the question comes up if it is the twilight of the blogs or rather whether it is actually the dawn. Read on for the answer and no it is way beyond the Clinton vs. Obama battle in the U.S. And no, the answer is not that easy but here is a […]

While ratings are useless at best, the judge felt, ratings and reviews are, by their very nature, subjective and debatable. To the extent that the plaintiffs lawsuit has focused a spotlight on how ludicrous the rating of attorneys (and judges) has become, more power to them but…. Should American lawyers be exposed to consumer […]

2010-12-06 Update – various links added and tidbits here and there. The study of business is afflicted by confusion between: – the results of a survey of what people think about the world and – a survey of what the world is really like. Newspapers, broadcasters and consultants will start to distinguish bogus surveys from […]

caught in a web of censorship in corporate social media we often focus on ROI – but blogging for freedom, accurate news reporting and people’s rights can hardly be measured using return-on-investment as a benchmark Searching for freedom, dignity, justice, equality, Shura and all the remaining Islamic values which are missing… may be far more […]

about ComMetrics contact us follow us on Twitter not another blog our business model why benchmark In corporate settings one is sometimes asked 2 questions about social media, namely: 1) what does success look like, and 2) how do we show this to our management? ComMetrics is about answering the above two questions for management. […]