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why benchmark SM?

How can you get the most out of big data? We explain three methods that help you master the challenge. This is the first post in a series.

The ComMetrics social media diary is our summary of who we met in the social media space, as well as marketing buzz, metrics trends and tidbits worth sharing.

Every type of blog has a different set of appropriate KPIs, so you must understand why you are blogging, and which 3 metrics to use to measure your success.

ComMetrics Week in Review: eBookers brings spam to Twitter in a big way while Google invades privacy with Chrome. Plus, free tools and more!

Calculating ROI of air conditioning makes no sense, neither does doing it for the corporate blog. We present 5 ropes to skip during KPI & benchmark development.

ComMetrics Week in Review: Why users of cloud computing services should worry and how social media analytics and brand monitoring must address ROI.

Sentiment analysis is gaining in popularity, so we evaluated some sentiment analysis programs for Twitter, etc. Do they measure what they are supposed to? Did findings make sense? We report our disastrous findings.

ComMetrics Week in Review – the way we saw the World Wide Web this week. Will Microsoft get away with the committing the 7 deadly sins? Why does SAP follow unethical business practices? Thanks to the Canadian Privacy Commissioner for getting Facebook to finally heel and respect its users’ rights! About time.

Blogging and Tweeting means that the same power used to amplify promotions also makes any missteps very public ones. UBS AG could try using social media to better communicate how it will emerge from the wreckage that made its shares sink to junk status. Imagine that.