• olga

    Great Post
    CEOs should write but it is not always easy. How to keep him going.
    What to do if it is stale.

    • http://blogrank.cytrap.eu/ig/4yt/*/*/*/CEO/top100 Urs E. Gattiker

      Thanks so much for this comment
      Yes, one of the most difficult challenges one has is to keep the CEO going as a blogger – months, years and publish her entries in regular time intervals (e.g., every months, 3rd Wednesday of the month).

      It is also difficult if the CEO does not like to write or hates the limelight. In turn, CEO bloggers are individuals that:
      1 – feel okay writing
      2 – want to do this
      3 – do a major part of the work themselves.

      So are we able to say yes to the above points. If not, getting a top manager or even the CEO to blog regularly for his target group will be very difficult, if not impossible.

      Thanks for sharing.

  • olga henggi

    Dear Urs,

    Indeed, engagement is very important – I agree with you. It’s not as easy
    to do this as it’s said :-)

    Sure, every writer needs feedback from his/her readers.

    However, a corporate blog is more than writing – it should be focused on
    your target group as well as on your potential customers which again not as
    easy. I think you should know what you current customers think about what you
    write in order to make your blog topics more exciting. Well, just ask for
    feedback and you’ll get it!

    Re followers on Twitter: it’s great to have them and I truly appreciate
    every engagement on Social media. It’s very motivating to see that a new
    follower joins your on Twitter which gives you extra motivation to understand
    what kind of interests this follow has. If you understand other people
    interests, you’ll write better because you’ll see through their eyes and not

    Being authentic is a must for a blog as your blog should stand out and be
    memorable so that your readers always recognize it.

    My blog that is experiencing a creative break but will go on very soon: http://yourlifeandbusiness.blogspot.ch/

    Best wishes,

    • http://blogrank.cytrap.eu/ig/4yt/*/*/*/CEO/top100 Urs E. Gattiker

      Dear olga henggi

      Thanks for writing a comment here. Yes agreed and as I spelled out above, the writing needs to keep one’s target audience in mind (current and potential customers).

      Asking one’s customer is a great tip and always works …. most of the time it is much better than asking a marketing firm to spell it out for you. If customers do not know what you stand for, we have a failure to comunicate.

      I think being an authentic blogger that has content that engages readers on a continuous basis is a journey, not a destination. Accordingly, its hard work, trying every single time anew and being persistent in doing a good job over years.

      I am still trying every day it seems and feeling challenged anew some days – what interests my readers – to produce content that is useful, solves a problem my customers worry about and adds value.
      Thanks so much for sharing @olgahenggi:twitter

      Have a great weekend. Urs @ComMetrics:twitter

  • olga henggi

    Re asking your customers – absolutely agree. Well, it
    should be always a check to see how well your customers understand your
    services or products. For example, it good to get customers’ feedback at least
    twice a year and if a new service or product is launched, ask for additional
    feedback. It’s amazing how people like to be asked …

    Re adding value to the blog: oh yes, it’s a must otherwise your readers will look
    for alternatives. By the way, value doesn’t mean you should install new
    software. Just think about, say, Agatha Christie, who created her great crime
    novels without any computer. Readers still admire her work!

    Have a great weekend

    • http://blogrank.cytrap.eu/ig/4yt/*/*/*/CEO/top100 Urs E. Gattiker

      :-) I have to smile. I feel about to ask
      What does your brand, product and / or blog stand for?
      For me, it is difficult to distinguish between Nike and Adidas shoes, since they both stand for winning at various types of sports.
      But kids identify with a player. Naturally, if he or she wears brand X…. (PS. and since we change the shoes’ colors every six months, you need to purchase a new pair…. NOT).

      But most SMEs do not have such a marketing budget as Nike, Red Bull and / or Coca-Cola do. Hence, things are different.
      Moreover, if we just say our blog or product stands for value and design, it is far from being unique.
      Most products or brands want to stand for being unique, providing great experiences and wonderful design, etc.

      To illustrate further, I try to blog so that my readers want to get the tools I discuss, apply the checklists I offer and use our blog benchmark software to improve their own blogs (see image below, click on it to make it expand).
      Similarly, our blog benchmark software allows bloggers to improve their levels of engagement, having their content shared more on different social networks and so forth.

      All this helps in reaching more eyeballs of your target audience which, hopefully, helps in customer acquisition.

      @OlgaHenggi:twitter Thanks for sharing. So I invite you to register yourself and benchmark Your Life and Business blog – click to get summary statistics.

      What you think?

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