Before You Start a Corporate Blog, Tie Your Shoe Laces Properly

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/03/18 1 views

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    Ever more Fortune 500 and a few smaller outfits want to start their corporate blogs or have already blazed down that trail ahead of you…
    Nevertheless, a successful blog is a journey and not a destination. Hence, tie your shoe laces and get yourself ready for the long run.
    We address this in more detail and outline what questions you should ponder before and certainly six months after having launched your corporate blog.

One should consider a few things before starting a corporate blog. We provided you with First set of steps on the way to build brand while blogging like a pro.

In this post, we make available an additional set of questions that help you getting off a good start. It is important to review these questions before, as well as a few months into the blogging or social media adventure. The results can be surprising:

1) Where are my customers and potential customers [do they read blogs, RSS feeds or posts received via e-mail – of course, this assumes you know your target audience (point 4 in this post)]?

2) What objectives do we want to achieve with the blog, in turn, helping us to address critical issues or problems (e.g., customer relationship management, increasing trust, brand awareness, etc.)?

3) What is the Return on Investment or Return on Blogging (define it – write it down SMART KPIs for measuring blogging success) or what else do we expect to achieve within 12, 24, 36 months?

4) Does a social media strategy support the corporate strategy you have set for your corporation? In particular:

    4a) How can heightened customer expectations for the company to talk with and listen to clients be satisfied better with your social media strategy?4b) How will the blog help in incrementally releasing anticipated information and needed solutions for customer problems?4c) How do you best coordinate these efforts while getting support from stakeholders?4d) How can you best benchmark progress while making sure that accomplishments meet measurable business objectives?

Bottom Line

As your conversational approach to customer service and care evolves, it necessitates a team that brings your social media tactics together, while providing cohesion.

Only this way will your offerings be perceived as being part of your corporate image and brand. As well, every six months conduct a strategic review using benchmark information and also metrics you collected over this period. Such an assessment can be more or less informal. Most important is that it happens and, yes, write down what you discover and compare a few weeks down the line.

Tracking change is needed to be able to see improvements, or else, record desirable changes as they happen on your journey to a successful social media venture.

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