ComMetrics weekly review: Audi to Ecofootprint via PlayStation

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graphic showing a Flesch-Kincaid test comparison for re-tweets vs. random tweetsShort link blogging coming your way this week: our top stories include Audi going PlayStation virtual, Google’s latest foray into the social media world – how to transfer control of the corporate website to Google – a feast for Internet trolls, and Microsoft blames Google Chrome for its IE browser’s security problems. Plus, check out some free tools, including SEO experts’ top 5 secrets.

In case you missed the last six weeks’ best links:

Very useful links: Trabant to Obama via Copenhagen for week 33.
Very useful links: UBS to Levi’s via CBS for week 34.
Very useful links: Microsoft vs. Facebook vs. SAP for week 35.
Very useful links: Data-theft to tweet-deaths via free tools for week 36.
Very useful links: NFL bans Twitter, now with adverts for week 37.
Very useful links: Real Madrid to GM via Twitter for week 38.

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Social Media TOOLS and GUIDES that make a DIFFERENCE
VERY USEFUL => Wonder how to manage your RSS channels more effectively? 9 useful ways to read RSS feeds, including some unusual ones like using sticky notes, Thunderbird e-mail, etc.

VERY USEFUL =>Google has created a small landing page called Google Internet Stats by pulling together a bunch of statistics from across the web.

Social Media MARKETING BUZZ – Building Brand
#first2move => Automakers are like forum trolls – turn around and some leave Second Life, while Audi shouts “First!” with virtual area in Sony’s PlayStation Home.

#first2move 2009-09-23 Wednesday – Google launched its SideWiki feature for Firefox and IE browsers – Chrome to follow soon.

Some suggest that the power is shifting from the corporate website to consumers. It remains to be seen if this will be the case BUT Internet trolls will love it for sure.

We just tried out SideWiki to see how it works. We got to one of our posts and it offered us the option to tweet, which we did.

VERY USEFUL => Popular on via Twitter => re-tweets happen more often, nice #metrics2watch #trends2watch

Social Media FIRST to Move – TRENDWATCH
VERY USEFUL => #metrics2watch  9 tested ways to get re-tweeted by @danzarrella, nice charts, graphs, amazing – but many questions remain, such as:

    which time zone is used to assign tweets to mornings or evenings – US, Europe, Asia?
    how did the study control for’s popularityTweetdeck uses this URL shortener by default– of course will come out on top as the choice for URL shortening services when re-tweeting on Twitter,  considering Tweetdeck’s popularity.

=>  unless you control for these effects, it is impossible to generalize from these findings – as Statistics 101 taught us => unfortunately, these things are not explained in the article #trends2watch

P.S. – Social Science 101 teaches us that one cannot prove something the way this article claims to:  based on the findings we  can reject or fail to reject a hypothesis but not prove it.

Climate Change – Economic Crisis – White Papers
#carbonfootprint 2009 Global 500 Report charts world’s largest firms’ performance #metrics2watch

#threats2watch #privacywatch – Californians support a bill to restrict credit checks during the hiring process! #things2patch

#threats2watch NOT => Microsoft is trying to convince IE7 and IE8 users that Google Chrome Frame makes IE less secure… Seriously?! #threats2watch

Actionable Metrics: Standards, Testing and Trends
VERY USEFUL KPI experts’ top 5 secrets – things to watch out for, and no, it is not ROI, but… #tips2follow – hands-on!

VERY USEFUL => Top 5 SEO secrets to WordPress #tips2follow

VERY USEFUL = > Programmer’s best friend => top 15+ source code search engines #tools2watch

VERY USEFUL => Test your site’s crawl-ability by the search engines with the Search Engine Robot Simulator #tools2watch

That’s the way we saw things this week; now it’s your turn. Did we miss anything important? Please add it below as a comment, along with a link. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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