ComMetrics weekly review: BarCamp to Morgan Stanley via eBay

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2009/10/25 · 16 comments 12,289 views

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Image - BarCamp Rapperswil - geeks showing some great implicationsEvery week we tweet about a lot of interesting stuff, highlighting great content that is of interest to social media folks and corporate bloggers. The best way to keep track is by simply following us on Twitter. If you already follow too many people to keep track of, however, this weekly compilation provides you with our top tweets for the previous seven days.

Our top stories include how GM is innovating but failing the ultimate test with eBay, what is happening with Web 2.5 or 3.0 – some interesting trends from Morgan Stanley, why you cannot miss BarCamp Rapperswil 2010 (2009 was definitely a hit), and how LinkedIn and Xing can be used better. Plus, check out some free tools, to better manage your brand on social networks.

In case you missed the last six weeks’ best links:

Very useful links: NFL bans Twitter, now with adverts for week 37.
Very useful links: Real Madrid to GM via Twitter for week 38.
Very useful links: Audi to Ecofootprint via PlayStation for week 39.
Very useful links: Toyota to Razorfish via PRSA for week 40.
Very useful links: FTC to marketing via Twitter for week 41.
Very useful links: Pepsi to iPhone via Google for week 42.

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Social Media TOOLS and GUIDES that make a DIFFERENCE
Why crowdsourcing is a myth or misconception – crowds do not innovate, individuals do.

#tools2watch => check if your brand’s username is available => tool to check on over 150 social networks – free sign-up.

#trends2watch => SEO cheat sheet – anatomy of a url – how you should do it to get the biggest bang for the buck – the basics #tips2follow

Image - Connect with Urs E. Gattiker on Twitter#tips2follow – LinkedIn and Xing – are you spending too much time? 3 golden rules #metrics2watch

Social Media FIRST to Move – TRENDWATCH
US research for @MerchantCircle shows: small merchants use social media, especially by offering clients coupon clippings, but what about B2B? ==> view press release #TrendWatch

#trends2watch Do you think you tweet too much? Yours is nothing compared to the top 10 tweeters – amazing stats via @Avinio @dKasrel

#first2move – GM was the first to try selling cars online with eBay (we reported the details in week 33). By September 30 GM and eBay had decided to close down the trial due to lackluster interest in haggling with the 225 online dealers from consumers – dealers confirmed that online sales had stopped by October 2, 2009 – just seven weeks after it all started, it was already over – but was this project given enough time?

P.S. – Trying to rebuild trust… In September, GM started its 60-day return policy: dissatisfied? You can return your new car, no questions asked and get your money back.

#trends2watch Web 2.0 San Francisco – Morgan Stanley presents interesting data on the Economy and Internet trends.

Social Media Web 3.0 – these tools can make your day
Another #BarCamp at Rapperswil organised by @Cocaman at the IHT.

@odi86 Schedule-Board at #BarCamp Rapperswil #bcrappiImage - BarCamp Rapperswil - Yvonne Anne Pignolet presenting another great tool, this one from

#BarCampRapperswil: #bcrappi pictures ==> Bildungscamp Köln #bck09

During #bcrappi @pneff talked about the nektoon tool = mnemonics – clip your notes, webpages, pics and store/share… BETA soon #tools2watch

#bcrappi Yvonne (see image at right) presented a nice tool: alpha stage for working with JavaScript – improve risk management, fix code, etc. Check it out! #tools2watch

#bcrappi => @odi86 @cocaman IT #job openings, part-time – WordPress, software, PHP… Please spread the word! #hiring

Down memory lane… 2009: BlogCamp 4 – Insights to share.

#bcrappi – slides, presentations check it out #trends2watch

InfoSec – Privacy Watch, User Rights
From @InfoSec – security perspective Windows 7, off to a rocky start.

Want to check if a domain is malicious – @Infosec recommends that you visit the malware domain list.

Windows 7: The Good, the bad and the ugly – things you should know before…

What did we miss this week? Please add what you found that was of interest in a comment below. Thank you.

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