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    4 things to know about Google+ http://ow.ly/1dSQvQ

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    #tips2follow – 4 things to know about Google+: Google+ is getting all the buzz and everyone wan… http://bit.ly/pT3jyt – #metrics2watch

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  • http://twitter.com/AldoGnocchi Aldo Gnocchi

    Hi Urs

    Thanks for sharing your insights concerning Google Plus.

    Do you like Google Plus? For professional reasons, which network do you prefere: Google+ or Facebook?

    Personally i like Google+ – at the moment there is a lot of useful content that streams into my news feed.

    On Facebook you can find a lot of good stuff as well, but you might have sorted your contacts into lists, so that you can chose the content of a specific group of “friends”. If you do not filter your feed, there will be a lot of unuseful information on Facebook. Sure, this might be the case on GooglePlus as well, but I doubt that the mainstream user will switch to G+. Actually I would love to have G+ as a geek network.

    Will Google Plus become a mainstream platform?

    • http://commetrics.drkpi.ch/articles/2011-trends-get-better-roi-with-facebook-twitter-and-youtube/ Urs E. Gattiker


      Thanks so much for this comment. 

      To answer your question, for me I prefer Google+ over Facebook when it comes to business. I have yet to really check my feed on Google+ carefully though.  It is still a thing of trying to find my ways and exploring the possibilities.

      I am not sure that Google Plus will stay the social network for geeky types but I am sure of the following, namely:

      – Google+ is an algorithmic cake trying to add social frosting,
      – Facebook is a social cake trying to add an algorithmic frosting.
      I truly believe that thanks to the added social frosting, Google can keep us coming using its tools and, thereby, remain the leading search engine.  In turn, its revenue stream remains secure…. all under the assumption that it works as planned, of course.

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    4 things to know about Google+ http://eqent.me/mSFOfE

  • http://www.about.me/dennisaltermann Dennis Altermann

    Great tips! We only waiting for some “fan page” for Google+ to really use all this tips. By now, they are really good for “popular persons”

    • http://commetrics.drkpi.ch/articles/2011-trends-get-better-roi-with-facebook-twitter-and-youtube/ Urs E. Gattiker


      Thanks for your input.  I am not sure if the issue is to be a ‘popular person’ or another but more what you intend to use Google+ for, would you not agree?

      for me it was never of great interest how many follow my feed but always who I follow (same with Twitter) 

      — <  Twitter FAQ #1

      So until then I continue to try and learn from people’s Google Plus feed – like I do from yours which I just added to one of my circles today.

      Dennis, thanks for sharing.

      • http://www.about.me/dennisaltermann Dennis Altermann

        Great! For sure we have to learn much more about this new service, but I guess Google want something different then Twitter or Facebook (for they and for us), but will we use it?

        Nobody know for sure, but we can try :)

        Thanks for response, 

        • http://commetrics.drkpi.ch/articles/2011-trends-get-better-roi-with-facebook-twitter-and-youtube/ Urs E. Gattiker


          I think you are right with this one.  By the way, the competitive threat by Google Plus has forced Facebook to change the way it allows you to share content, very interesting.

          ==>  https://www.xing.com/net/smmetrics/trends-and-historical-facts-505431/google-first-google-plus-forces-facebook-37971038/

          ==> http://www.facebook.com/ComMetrics/posts/192286537504795

          What you think about this change, better for us users, right?

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    #things2read – 4 things to know about Google+ http://bit.ly/qXRepM

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    RT @WEFdavos: #things2read – 4 things to know about Google+ http://bit.ly/qXRepM #greatpost

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    4 things to know about #Google+ http://bit.ly/nEs2HI

  • http://www.fuellhaas.com/ Karsten Füllhaas

    Google+ seems to be simpler
    in regard to usability than Facebook. If a company does not only want to
    address social media experts and nerds, an extensive commitment on Google+ is
    surely premature. Besides, I would wait until Google launches a specific offering
    for companies / brands. For people in the communication department of a
    company, I would recommend to sign up with a personal account and explore the
    mechanism of the platform. Surely, Google will launch additional features soon
    and develop the platform further.

    • http://commetrics.drkpi.ch/articles/2011-trends-get-better-roi-with-facebook-twitter-and-youtube/ Urs E. Gattiker


      I like your suggestion very much: I would recommend to sign up with a personal account and explore the mechanism of the platform.”

      On the other hand, I feel like Aldo below who suggests that we might benefit if Google+ does not become too much like Facebook. For me this includes not having brand pages since I just don’t feel like following my brand

      love butter but do you want to be friends with your butter on Facebook?

      So additional features I love but please not another Facebook :-)  

      Karsten, Thanks for sharing.

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    Anyone on #Google+ yet? Here's four things you need to get you started http://bit.ly/qFlnOW

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    4 things to know about Google+ – http://t.co/kR4i92z #socialmedia

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    4 things to know about Google+ – http://t.co/kR4i92z

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    • http://howto.drkpi.ch Urs E. Gattiker

      Thanks for your comment.

      I am glad you like my blog and this post in particular. Hope that you will comment again soon on one of the upcoming posts.

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