ComMetrics weekly review: eBookers to Twitter via Google

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Image - tweet by ComMetrics - #Metrics improve focus. Just be sure you know where you want to go and you focus on the relevant #KPIs to get you thereEvery week we tweet about a lot of fascinating stuff, highlighting great content that is of interest to social media folks and corporate bloggers. This weekly compilation provides you with our top tweets for the previous seven days.

Our top stories include how eBookers fell into the spam trap using Twitter, why Google should be pushing open source with Chrome OS, an illustration of why ROI fails with social media, how Twitter groups tell something about your reputation, why LinkedIn is losing against Viadeo and how Xing beats both by making more money. Plus, check out some free Twitter tools to better manage your brand on social networks.

In case you missed the last six weeks’ best links:

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ComMetrics weekly review: Google to Barcamp Liechtenstein via Amazon for week 46

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If you are a #Xing member (Europe’s LinkedIn – if not, you can join for free): Recently, we launched the Social Media Monitoring group – be one of the first 100 inaugural members! Your personal invitation is here #measure #publicrelations

B2B – Luxury Labels, Manufacturing and B2B
#usability => VERY USEFUL: 6 reasons users hate your new product feature

#things2read – Measuring ROI: Why it fails

FREE Tools for Twitter, blogs and Facebook: Tips and tricks
#tips2follow ComMetrics Footprint: Technorati nixes blog rankings

1 => #Reputation + brand = #Twitter lists you are on – take a copy of the lists your Twitter feed is on and copy it into the ‘input’ box here #tools2watch Image - Google's Android attempts to take a bite out of Apple
2 => #Reputation + brand = copy converter output you get from link above, and click on create your own to get your graphic (see image at right) #tools2watch
3 => #Reputation + brand = word cloud shows words used to describe YOU on #Twitter #tools2watch

Benchmark social media – best practice
VERY USEFUL: Google Trends for Websites – do you trust it? neat analysis by @MichaelNotte #metrics2watch

#bcli09 Soziale Medien für gemeinnützige Einrichtungen: Wie nutzt man diese besser – Slides ONLINE inklusive Checklisten und Links zur Umsetzung (how non-profits can use Facebook, blogs and Twitter – slides and contributions made during session by Barcamp participants – very insightful).

RT @dkasrel @michelelinn Social Media: It’s about engagement, not pageviews @diannahuff #metrics2watch

READ – Viadeo, LinkedIn & Xing are fighting it out – who do you think is the winner: #Economist says

White and research papers – presentation slides – trendwatch
#trendwatch #tips2follow: People don’t buy products and services, they buy solutions to problems.

Interesting A/B test: 54 percent improvement on email newsletter sign-up page.

Social Media – information security, privacy
MUST READ – All Your OS Are Belong to Google – Why Aren’t We Worried? WE ARE! #threats2watch #things2patch

Cases – failures – how you don’t want to do it – Social Media 101
#SM101 #trendwatch 1 #Continental started the #sweepstake #spam mania #pr #publicrelations #badgovernance

#trendwatch 2 #ebookers CH failed the SM101 test by following #Continental down the Twitter spam trail. All those who re-tweeted spammed their followers, or was it just their greed that got the better of them? => #reputation mgmt 101 : users spam followers to get a chance to win a voucher worth Sfr. 500 #pr

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