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Micro and large organizations are concerned about their lack of resources, engagement metrics are elusive, privacy is no longer critical and speed matters.

ComMetrics Weekend – read what your competition does not want you to KNOW about Twitter, Coca Cola, Google, OECD WG on Bribery, another Windows security problem (with system patch) and more.

The Iran opposition is taking stock and moving to harness street protests to form an official political front that can embrace defenders of the real Islamic republic. Unfortunately, Twitter’s effect on actual events in Iran is non-existent except for making waves and getting attention outside of the country only.

Okay, so the Democrat Barack Obama is using technology including YouTube with enthusiasm to promote his side of the story. Your girl friend says ‘Wearing my favorite heels, I can get taxis whenever I need.’ So what is the value of your product, service or brand in relationship to customer needs. Does using social media […]