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Social media has drastically improved the way we can reach target audiences and serve our customers. But without a social media audit, things may go awry.

Friday’s royal wedding showed Britain at its best and T-Mobile played on that fever with a spoof video that went viral. We discuss its return on investment.

ComMetrics Weekend – read what your competition does not want you to KNOW about Dubai, DoubleClick, Flickr, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, GM, Twitter, Swedish EU Presidency, Wal-Mart, Xing and more.

So post-it notes and notebooks is what Twitter is to blogs – a sort of micro-blogging that is becoming ever more popular with users. Some have argued that all this microblogging is helping us to become less effective Some people have compared post-it notes and notebooks to what Twitter is to blogs. However, Twitter is […]

In a market where free wi-fi is becoming the norm, Starbucks card-holders (everybody can get one, just fork over some cash and get it as credit on your Starbucks card so you can pay for your coffee) have now the opportunity to get wi-fi in many stores for free for the first two hours per […]