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Stowe Boyd

It is not the technology – it’s what you do with the information that counts. I tell you why successful social media activites build on performance objectives and metrics that exhibit four characteristics. Without, you may not accomplish what you really needed to, in order to improve your bottom line. Previously I addressed some of […]

Going Solo Live – during the Going Solo conference, some interesting thoughts and issues were shared about Twitter. In the meantime I was trying to convince the editors of HRM the Journal that had just launched a social network to open HRM the Journal on Twitter. I asked my Twitter network and new Going Solo […]

Going Solo Live, follow some guidelines regarding how you run your business and how you relate to your clients – Stowe Boyd shared his thoughts, philosophy and experience with us. I keep blogging about this #GoingSolo, @StoweBoyd. Wrap-up comes tomorrow We have already posted these stories about Going Solo Live here: Going Solo – it […]

Going Solo Live, Having a session on billing, how do you get projects paid for – billing – hourly or per project or comingation, find out and read on. I keep blogging about this #GoingSolo, @Suw @dahowlett, @StowBoyd We have already posted these stories about Going Solo Live here: Going Solo – @Pistachio – how […]

Going Solo: Ropes to Skip

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/03/31 1 views

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One of our readers has read about Going Solo – an upcoming conference in Lausanne (see logo below) and wanted to know if he should attend AND what he might get out of it. I tried to assess this issue from my perspective. Please keep in mind that I have registered myself, paid the fee […]