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These Weeks in Social Analytics (TWiSA) provides easy to read summaries of recently published articles or studies that have crossed our desks at CyTRAP BlogRank. Get previous editions of TWiSA – Freakalytics and big data 1. Attention YouTube users Not too long ago, Pew published research findings that indicate 62 percent of US Facebook users stay away […]

Why smartphones are bad for your privacy, used to download porn at work, and online courses may not be for you.

Most rankings do not measure what matters, such as whether the cost of a degree is worth it – find out which ones do measure what matters.

Of libraries, doctorates and Web 2.0

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2009/11/26 · 15 comments 12,542 views

in a analytics taking action

Research behavior of UK doctoral students born 1982 – 1994 was investigated, but methodological concerns overshadow interesting Web 2.0 findings.

Sentiment analysis is gaining in popularity, so we evaluated some sentiment analysis programs for Twitter, etc. Do they measure what they are supposed to? Did findings make sense? We report our disastrous findings.