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Could Google+ fail in 2012?

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2011/12/11 · 45 comments 15,428 views

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Apple decides to take on Google and Facebook, launches social network. If that happens I will be in real trouble timewise. Will you manage?

Twitter lists: Could your usage improve?

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2011/06/08 · 9 comments 9,651 views

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This tip-filled guide addresses how Twitter lists can help us keep track of the intel we need to do our jobs better.

Why social networking groups fail

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2010/03/10 · 42 comments 24,890 views

in e marketing 101 style matters

Groups require effort and time. Sometimes a shake-up is needed to get the desired results. We share some tips and tricks on how to make it happen faster.

ComMetrics Week in Review: eBookers brings spam to Twitter in a big way while Google invades privacy with Chrome. Plus, free tools and more!

Spending too much time on LinkedIn or Xing? You’re not alone, but how about using it to sell more product? Read the insights we shared with our client.

I love headlines like – “Online Networks don’t function like Real World Networks.” or the Wired headline: “Clive Thompson on Real-World Social Networks vs. Facebook ‘Friends'” ==> but bloggers and journalists alike should go to the source, read the research, check the facts carefully …. sloppy fact checking brings us more confusion than clarification. YES online networking is different from off-line social networking – BUT… don’t close your Twitter and Facebook account(s) before reading this story.

Why might social networks such as Facebook or MySpace fail in your country? Why could it be the LinkedIn is of little help when trying to find a new job or trying to make that sale? Could it be that you are just wasting time instead of focusing on what really matters? Are Obama and […]