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Should you use best-of-both-worlds marketing? If so, what might be unsuccessful for your luxury brand? Here’s what to watch out for.

Social media monitoring, social media strategy: 3 tips for demonstrating the benefits of proper web design and what luxury brands, specifically, need to improve.

The stars align between teams and corporations, but luxury brands try to prove us wrong this Christmas Season – with sometimes-tacky results.

Social media metrics, ambush marketing DOs and DON’Ts: Google tries copying Facebook AGAIN, Tod’s pushes the trend of emphasizing heritage among luxury brands.

After 10 years of losses and turmoil, luxury label Yves Saint Laurent has broken even. Six lessons taken from this successful revival of an old and prestigious brand.

It is not where you start from that is important, it is where you end up as illustrated here: Paris Fashion to organize Davos 2010 Doing things in style – stiletto heels and Tahitian shades If fashion teaches us anything it is that: any era-defining cultural event, style or catchphrase will always reappear in some […]