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Do social networks help rescue services during a natural disaster? Does big data allow predicting future events?

Email is dead; long live email!

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2013/03/31 12,434 views

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Reduce internal email traffic by 40 percent by using internal social media platforms instead. But will this make staff more productive?

Recently, CEO video clips have become a new fad it seems for some CEOs. Not all video clips featuring c-level executives are must see fare on YouTube. For me the issue is: Does a video fail versus text when it comes to a CEO trying to explain to investors the corporation’s financial performance for last […]

Social conversation is important in business and blogging and Twitter and other micro-blogging tools are supposedly helping the conversation between such as colleagues and/or customers Nevertheless, some have argued that all this microblogging and chatter is helping us to become less effective I just got back from a conference. It was a large corporation’s annual […]