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ComMetrics Week in Review: Smart social media marketing, from Google to a super barcamp in Vaduz and Amazon spamming Twitter accounts, free tools and more!

Blogging and Tweeting means that the same power used to amplify promotions also makes any missteps very public ones. UBS AG could try using social media to better communicate how it will emerge from the wreckage that made its shares sink to junk status. Imagine that.

ComMetrics Weekend – read what your competition does not want you to KNOW about Dubai, DoubleClick, Flickr, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, GM, Twitter, Swedish EU Presidency, Wal-Mart, Xing and more.

ComMetrics Weekend – riding out the financial storm by steering a steady course – brings you the most interesting links we came across this week on the web – read what your competition does not want you to read about Google, Twitter, Digg, GM, Neelie Kroes, Tiananmen & more.

The beauty of WordPress is the endless available plugins. The challenge for bloggers is to chose the best: the ones that save you time, while making you more effective and increasing your blog’s attractiveness to readers.

Neither Mario Sundar from LinkedIn with his blog, nor Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO writing a commentary in yesterday’s Financial Times should use their positions as opinion leaders in the blogosphere or business community to voice their opinions about today’s presidential election in the U.S. – they both did …

Better corporate blogging at a Fortune 500 company or an FT Global 500 is a constant challenge. Here we present you with another case study, this time about Swisscom’s enviornmental blog, a trail blazer for Europe’s telecom industry.

Why should we have a blog and what will it do for us? Daimler’s corporate blog (e.g., Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, Smart and other brands) is soon celebrating its first birthday. Time to reflect on its performance, does it deliver the beacon?

Google can definitely steer some traffic your way. Unfortunately, search engine traffic is quite often low quality traffic that will not stay around. Accordingly, search engine traffic gets what it wants from your website, thereafter, it moves on to another site on the net. The same applies to traffic coming from social bookmarking sites such […]

8 reasons that speak for having a corporate blog

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/01/22 · 2 comments 1 views

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The blogging technology platform, when properly executed, provides boards, customers, management, suppliers with a transparent platform to seriously engage one another on the issues. It can provide you with a low-cost, highly effective means to establish a credible dialogue and allow directors and management to obtain feedback from a wider variety of stakeholders with differing […]