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Surprise! Success for your brand’s Facebook page requires creating content that is worth sharing, NOT focusing on engagement.

Good for business or a wild public meeting? With the many comments in any minute, Twitter chats can turn a bit stressful.

Company failures: Why is Twitter so difficult?

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2012/03/18 · 55 comments 11,136 views

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Jeremiah Owyang, Charlene Lee and Guy Kawasaki illustrate why you may not want to use Twitter for your organization.

Statistics and infographics are best understood if used together with a metaphor or analogy. We explain how to make this work for you.

ComMetrics benchmarking method: This session addresses the ropes to skip when using offline ad campaigns for promoting social media activities of your brand.

We know about the pitfalls of overblown statistics and graphics, but who takes the time to check and re-check information before mentioning or investing in it on social media?

Do we like re-inventing the wheel in social media marketing, infographics, web analytics? Surely not, Karen Dietz explains how we can do better and save us time.