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benchmarking social media

A/B testing works best for clearly defined problems. This post explains why it must be supplemented by qualitative data to improve usability for clients.

It is not the technology – it’s what you do with the information that counts. I tell you why successful social media activites build on performance objectives and metrics that exhibit four characteristics. Without, you may not accomplish what you really needed to, in order to improve your bottom line. Previously I addressed some of […]

As David Bradley has pointed out so nicely in his comment about Web 2.0, we are moving toward Web 3.0 already. Nevertheless, people use Twitter a lot and whilst it is a Web 2.0 application, ever more often the question comes up – is it worth it or just a waste of time – @jowyang, […]

Are you trying to assess a social media monitoring service? Are you sure that your social media efforts have an impact? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your social media campaign? READ ON… Recently we told you about an interesting conference – Going Solo – Ropes to Skip. Today we point out another one […]