In corporate settings one is sometimes asked 2 questions about social media, namely:

1) what does success look like, and

2) how do we show this to our management?

ComMetrics is about answering the above two questions for management. Our tools empower you to communicate metrics (ratios, numbers, visuals, sound if need be) to management – it is all about how to benchmark your online marketing efforts smarter and faster.

The tools and software we offer focus on:

– benchmarks,

– measurement,

– return-on-investment

about social media – webpages, blogs, newsletters and more.

Of course without sensible metrics that are grounded in your objective and attributes you want to achieve (brand, influence) as well as bottom line issues (e.g., sales), a social media campaign makes little sense. Naturally, this is exactly the same as with any other type of activity, campaign or investment (e.g., an e-learning platform, wiki for a project and so on).

Hence, you will benchmark your programs based upon your goals and those attributes, and you’ll assess your performance – did your social media efforts result in an outcome that affects the bottom line. If so, how?

ComMetrics provides you with support that empower you to deliver tangible, measurable results to be gained by using new marketing channels such as blogs, podcasts, newsletters, webpages, e-learning tools, wikis and so on. Why not check us out.

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The blog keeps you abreast the latest developments in the rapidly expanding field of social media. Rest assured, it will take you no more than 5 – 10 minutes a week to read the material coming to you via e-mail including the invitation to sign up for free and test-drive our software and tools.

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