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by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/05/16 1 views

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    Going Solo Live, Laura Fitton, @Pistachio, Dennis Howlette has started^. I keep blogging about this.

What Laura shared with us You Only Get What You Give (Marketing and taking care of one’s social capital):

    Your ideas is not what you are hired for it is your unique execution, the way you manage process, the way you engage, how easy it is to relate to you.going to lunch is one thing but this giving away kind of service may provide you with less exposure than giving a free speech at a conference with people that might be interested in paying for your service.When you approach your blog is how can you connect getting to know peopleSpending time on Twitter means spending less time watching TV.Clients

    Whatever technology you use you need to reach your clients where they are at. If your clients are not engaged with Twitter, get them to read your blog or subscribe to your distributed posts via e-mail.

    Screwing up in social media, such as Twitter, is very important, if you make a mistake and admit that you did your star will shoot up. Being willing to admit a mistake is very American but it does sometimes help, especially with teenagers.

Thank you Laura

Remember when you want to get people onto Twitter, make sure they try first from home and not work. Their employer may not allow it or else restrict access. There are also legal concerns that your corporation must consider when allowing employees to Twitter see here:
EU-ReguStand trend spotting – Twitter – e-discovery requires managing your risk exposure smartly

Bottom Line

Laura made the point that going out and networking is what is needed in business, something she pointed out we have known for ages. However, remember you must do it with compassion. Give people the sense that you want the community to be better. People will respond. However this also means that you have to give up control, learn to relax, surrendering the control just enjoy the ride.

How can will you apply Laura’s work?

I feel this talk illustrates that Twitter has to be monitored by corporations regarding what is happening in their space.

    – who talks about your brand or corporation;- what are people talking about (your product sucks, works well, features needed, warranty service, etc.);- is there a conversation happening that your corporation should be part of; and

    – search for blogs with the keywords (your brand, product, name) and on Twitter, sixgroup, etc. and build a Wiki (listening to the audience) than blog about it

PS. Laura Fitton’s presentation showed once again that humor fails to work when she used Surrender Dorothy (an inside joke – The Wizard of Oz – 1939 – movie:-) if you don’t know you could feel left out – see here: social media – ropes to skip – Twitter – FAQ #2 )

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So stay tuned.


get the slides from and watch the video of this presentation

  • http://beth.typepad.com Beth Kanter

    That’s funny – I used that metaphor once – but in a remix of explaining what social media using the Wizard of Oz story to nonprofits in the US. The speaker before – a well known communications professional did his presentation also using the wizard of oz to explain best practices in powerpoint. The audience got it because most of them watched the movie as kids

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