Going Solo Dennis Howlett: Tax and finance

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/05/16 1 views

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    Going Solo Live, Dennis Howlett – chartered accountant explaining the business of paying taxes or why Italians might have three sets of accounts. I keep blogging about this.

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Going Solo – it started

What Dennis Howlett shared with us – where you run your business is really important

Whereever you live depends on your live style. However, remember taxes are made up of income, sales/VAT, social taxes, etc. Get the best local advice you can get. So this is the reasons why we opened a Holding in one part of Switzerland and the operating firm in another part (see here:

about us – commercial register

Accounting software is such as:

Banana – we use great stuff for all of Europe (all languages)


    – Allow for taxes 40-50%
    – Claim everythign you are allowed to claim
    – keep the accounts simple (don’t bend things too far – dog food is not a deductable expense
    – get the best advice you can
    – keep 10% just to be able to pay if you have to

Bottom Line

Thanks Dnnis for your advice.

Keep it simple stupid (KISS) but getting advice is important. If you start off on the wrong foot when it comes to accounting and/or your taxes and incorporation of your firm, you may pay dearly afterwards.

Thank god we got advice from Rewisco and did these things correctly.

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