Financial Times: Is blogging good value?

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/07/12 1 views

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    Web 2.0 technologies are here to stay, and social media is becoming an important tool for public relations experts and marketing gurus.One development has been the slow but steady increase in CEOs, CIOs and other topc executives blogging – communicating with important stakeholders using new media.
    However, is all this social media effort worth the money spent? How will the CEO’s blog affect your firm’s bottom line?
    Find out – read on — we tell you the story as published in the Financial Times.

Every other week we read about the latest twist on social networking and Web 2.0. For instance, groups of friends are now able to track one another’s online remarks wherever they appear on the web. Some chief executive officer may choose to have her blog available on the intranet. Another C-suite member may blog on the internet making the information available for investors, employees, suppliers and customers to see.
Download the version as a pdf file here:

Financial Times – Is blogging good value for the C-suite? 2-pages

Or read the article online here: Read more on the Financial Times website

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  • Sandra

    This is an insightful piece of writing. I am a bit sorry that you did not have the space given at the FT to explain your ideas to the fullest.

    I hope you will bring more about ROI and c-level blogging and I am surely gonna sign up for your blog tracking service. This will allow me to see how the other guys and gals are doing with their blogs :-)


  • Jeanny

    As a technophobe I found it a bit hard to find my way around here.

    So here I will say that this seems to make sense to a technophobe like me!!

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