SEO is dead: Long live social media

by Lior Levine on 2011/10/12 · 26 comments 15,237 views

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There is a frenzy surrounding search engine optimization (SEO) and how website owners should optimize their sites to increase traffic. This article addresses the six advantages social media claims on SEO.

With an ever evolving online market, new opportunities and methods arise almost instantaneously. Therefore, it is with no surprise that strict SEO methods are being replaced with alternative and faster ways to achieve similar or better results.

Article source – SEO is dead: Long live social media

For some, using social media to increase traffic makes a lot of sense, while others may need a little more convincing.

1. Information on social media is on search engines

Information on social media networks is channeled through most search engine platforms (try it yourself by googling one of your social media profile names).

Similarly, all posts shared on your social site will also appear on search engines. Therefore, if you have high-ranking posts or that are re-tweeted or shared often, your traffic will increase, and thereby your overall ranking.

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2. Your profile pagerank (PR) score can increase traffic

With the many visits from social network junkies and increasing popularity of your Twitter or Facebook page, your social media network page may have a better chance of achieving a higher page ranking than your actual website. With the increased pagerank of your Twitter or Facebook page, any links count as high pagerank backlinks, making using your social media site to increase your website’s SEO your best bet.

On the other hand, Google has long said they will discontinue pagerank sooner rather than later. Whether that actually happens is anyone’s guess, since they like to play their cards close to the vest. Ultimately no one really cares about pagerank anymore, because there are better ways to optimize your site for SEO.

3. Social media sites respond faster

Marketing occurs as soon as information is shared on social media, unlike SEO, which does not occur instantly for many reasons, such as the numerous changes in search engine algorithms. This results in a slower pace of change than on social media channels like Quora or LinkedIn.

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4. Better potential for authority status

Those of you familiar with internet marketing will know that a lot of poor-quality articles clutter directory databases. Why? Every new internet marketer wants to generate more traffic and was told that keywords and fresh content is all they need. Article quality is therefore often diluted as quantity is becomes the motivating factor for fresh content. Writing is often outsourced to the lowest bidder, making it harder to find quality reading.

On the other hand, you could simply tweet what you are looking for, and get lots of information from sources you trust, that recommend tried and tested products. By the same token, if you provide high quality articles and links, not only will your information be shared, but also recommended, increasing your credibility and brand awareness.

By the way, use the right URL shortener to give the link juice.

5. Search engines use social media integration

Say what? Search engine giants like Google have recognized the power of social media and now incorporate it into their own properties, like Google Buzz, which allows individuals to star (rate) results. Google Plus allows people to comment, share and also click on the plus sign, similar to Facebook’s Like.

Most search engines can now display real-time results from almost all social networks, including YouTube. It seems that, in the future, delivered results may be determined more by their authority on social media sites than article directories.

6. Information goes viral sooner with social media

Traditionally, increasing website traffic means ensuring continuously publishing fresh content on your site, and submitting 300-500 word articles to directories in order to create backlinks to your website (usually one or two backlinks per article).

By comparison, look at how quickly links on social media sites can spread and go viral. A good article posted on your social network profile or corporate blog will likely be shared by hundreds of your blog readers, associates and contacts. A ripple effect will follow as their friends share the same link, for instance via Twitter.

Before you know it, you have 300-500 links across the social media platform, which is not only super fast, but will also save you a lot of time.

Bottom line – the real kicker

Regardless of whether you’re a dedicated SEOer, social media strategist or web analytics service provider, the tips in this article make one thing apparent: the need to stay in tune with the changing times on the web. In order to stay at the top of our game we need to stay up to date with everything that goes on – especially the social media revolution. That sums up the latest SEO info and how you can use it to benefit your business (SEO metrics everybody can use).

About the guest blogger

This guest post was written by Lior Levine, a marketing strategist for a custom neon sign store, who also works for a company that lists the best web hosters.

Disagree? Sure. Leave a comment!
Just one question I hope you will answer: How do you work social media channels to improve your SEO?

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  • Urs E. Gattiker

    @LiorLevine:disqus Thanks so much for your guest post here.

    Recently I cam across an e-book by:

    Rohde, Leslie. (2010) Dynamic linking. Volume I – PageRank Sculpting.

    In there she suggests some things suggest that in order to make sure that the spider does not ‘misunderstand’ things by parsin or breaking apart the URL so it does not accidently get found.


    dynamic-linking (this term to the left then gives the link )

    I may have made a mistake in the above code and when I tested it it did some funny things in my html editor for WordPress.

    What is your advice please.

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  • Adam Bean

    Hey Lior

    You make some excellent points, purely relying on SEO as your on-line marketing strategy is now fraught with danger.

    SEO will always have a place, and that is coming from a “Social” guy ! But and this is a big but…..The focus has shifted with SEO, and even Google is starting to recognize that it has to get more “Social” hence Google +.

    All is good though, as this will make the cream of the content rise to the top.Cheers Beanie

    • Urs E. Gattiker


      Thanks for stopping by to comment on Levine’s blog post. I believe you are right in that even Google has discovered the importance of social media.  Google+ is already affecting search results (e.g., comments, links, thumbs up, etc.).

      We will see how this progresses further. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your thoughts.

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  • Ada Lleshana

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    SEO is dead: Long live Social Media – #SEO #SocialMedia

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  • Jonathan

    I agree on the article, although I think the title is a bit misleading. 

    SEO, although by some limited to several aspects, has a broad meaning. It contains everything which you can do to optimize the way you can be found through search engines. Isn’t using social media just an aspect of SEO; a part of improving the way you are found?

    The title makes it look like SEO and using social media are two completely different aspects, while in fact using social media to improve your website’s ranking is a part of SEO.

  • Blog Pro

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  • Robynn Anton

    Is SEO dead?

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  • Eduardo Mata

    RT @ComMetrics: SEO is dead: Long live social media

  • 2Communicate

    RT @ComMetrics: SEO is dead: Long live social media

  • NPapendorf

    SEO is dead: Long live #SocialMedia
    "Today I had 2 articles declaring death. Is it Schlumpeter at work or just bad…

  • Walks UK

    Great article – I fully support all the points in this article and use most of them but from now on will use ALL of them!! Thanks for the post.

    • Urs E. Gattiker

      @a1ebac4d0f1fdda522ef92619a36ce15:disqus thanks for your encouraging feedback.
      We are working on another post, this time about Google Plus and why it is important for companies to take notice.
      You can +1 our page on Google + to show support. No Google+ page can follow you until you follow them  ==> ComMetrics – please befriend us on Google + we follow back for sure and share

      In the upcoming blog post I address how this affects all the SEO work we do :-) … Love to have you comment there as well and giving us your feedback.  Merci.

  • Hugh McCabe

    SEO is dead: Long live social media

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  • stacyben

    It depends.
    There are still some business models which include only SEO – this include niches which can’t promote themselves in social networks, because people don’t want to tell their friends that they use something like that. It concerns gray niches, like mobile tracking (sites like and others), adult, gambling and so on. Strange to say but those guys are the first ones who are inventing new seo tricks

    • Urs E. Gattiker | DrKPI

      DEar @stacyben:disqus

      Thanks for your feedback and this important addition
      I always appreciate it. Our new blog has a post about SEO as well and some more of course:


      You can subscribe to our new blog via e-mail here:


      Thanks @stacyben:disqus for sharing.


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