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by Urs E. Gattiker on 2009/01/21 · 13 comments 1 views

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    Posting tweets directly from within Skype using its chat function is easy. Most importantly, it helps you become more effective while tweeting away.

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In this vein, have you ever thought about using your Voice over IP (VoIP) in combination with Twitter? What about using Skype as a tool for building your social network or reinforcing weak ties on Twitter?

First, who do you have as your contacts in Skype or any other VoIP-capable program such as GoogleTalk for that matter? In my case they are primarily people I do business with. Yes, some family members who live far away are in there as well because VoIP makes it easier to stay in contact with them. For instance, one of my business contacts works in Saudi Arabia but calling rates are a bit high from Europe to Saudi Arabia so we prefer using Skype to talk or chat with each other.

Something that a few people seem to ignore is that Skype allows you to use its chat function to post to your Twitter account. All you have to do is add twitter4skype as a contact in Skype and then proceed as follows:

    1. Type the following as a chat message but make sure you do a FULL return for each line (if you are a Mac user, make sure you press alt + return after each line):
    (e.g., ComMetrics)
    2. You must put in a hard return after the last line with your Twitter password – hit enter to make this work properly.
    3. The system will then return this message: twitter4skype registration complete!

The next time you type a chat message to your twitter4skype contact in Skype, the entry will appear as a tweet on your account.

Bottom line
The advantage with Skype is that it keeps a full AND searchable record of the tweets you have written, which is really neat and allows you to search these in contrast to other desktop clients such as Tweetdeck.

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Here’s what I’m suggesting for today. How do you use Skype to strengthen your social network consisting of weak ties, such as those with your Twitter followers. Do you connect with people on Skype like you do on Twitter or Friendfeed?  Please leave a comment below and inform folks of what you do.

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