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f standards – client focus, customer exp.

Saving costs makes providing excellent service difficult. This blog entry provides 3 tips to improve customer experience.

Following best practice helps reduce your risks. But how do you know your translated sales brochure conveys your message correctly?

We know about the pitfalls of overblown statistics and graphics, but who takes the time to check and re-check information before mentioning or investing in it on social media?

Do we like re-inventing the wheel in social media marketing, infographics, web analytics? Surely not, Karen Dietz explains how we can do better and save us time.

Social media monitoring, social media strategy: protecting trademarks on Facebook, Japan’s blogging prime minister and Fortune 500 blogs – lessons learned.

Writing blog posts is ever more considered to result in better customer relationship management. We show you what challenges await you for next year.

What have David Cameron (leader of the Conservative Party – UK) Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, David Miliband (UK Foreign Secretary), John Culberson (U.S. Congressman), Moritz Leuenberger (Federal Councillor – Switzerland) and Gordon Brown (Prime Minister – UK) in common? Besides dealing with the financial crisis, the ComMetrics politico blog index tells you about their blogging fame

about ComMetrics contact us follow us on Twitter not another blog our business model why benchmark In corporate settings one is sometimes asked 2 questions about social media, namely: 1) what does success look like, and 2) how do we show this to our management? ComMetrics is about answering the above two questions for management. […]