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a analytics: rating and ranking – who’s #1

The KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid) is needed to make an operating system or software work properly, including a great user interface and straightforward software code… but do either Microsoft or Google deliver? We tell you why both might fail the test.

Facebook and Twitter can be a terrible distraction during the workday – both may fail to create results for a small business’ bottom line but potential solutions are offered in this post.

Predictions and strategies aplenty for a recessionary 2009 regarding new media, advertising and public relations. This story focuses on actionable objectives for a software start-up. Now I am off to this new year’s party.

I don’t care if RSS usage is 5% or 25%, stable or growing. To achieve better RSS reader retention I began offering my readers customised RSS feeds.

APIs and widgets are being part of the same strategy. Both are freeing up your content to propagate around the blogosphere or web. This helps spreading your message and/or functionality. This post explains how you can achieve this goal a bit smarter and faster. Almost everybody will tell you that if you wish to survive […]

Ever more users enjoy their browsing experience with Firefox (check out Firefox 3, it’s great). Moreover, being aware of information security issues many Firefox users protect themselves better against script-side attacks, they take advtange of the Java noScript add-on for Firefox.Unfortunately, ever more often blogs require one to give temporary permission for certain scripts to […]

Little applications that pop-up on your computer screen every 3 minutes (or more) or an RSS feed demanding your attention to another news item is becoming ever more common for people at work. All this ensures that your productivity flow is interrupted at regular intervals throughout the day. We tell you how to minimize these […]

Does live tweeting add value to your conference experience or is it just another distraction? Will tomorrow’s conference require us to check in the gun – pardon mobile devices to assure that the audience stays focused? Some have argued that all this microblogging is helping us to become less effective In the past we believed […]

How to make sure much of the conversation is being lost in the shuffle; or what it takes to stop the conversation before it had a chance to start What to do to stop the conversation from continuing when using social media tools. BBC has its own blogs, of course. These are successful destinations for […]

Intel is using the SEC’s new default electronic delivery process for e-proxy materials smartly. 2008-04-02 Intel Corporation demonstrated that the Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC – U.S. regulatory agency) new default electronic delivery process for e-proxy materials works GREAT if used correctly. We have been watching about 200 companies or there abouts using the new […]