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  • lennert de jong

    Hi Urs,

    Thanks for the article and pointing out a weak spot. citizenM in its totality has been designed to save unnecessary costs and give that back to the traveler in a luxury packaged smart offering. Something we do not have is a callcenter where costly people answer costly phonecalls. All bookings are done online. We do have a small support team but one of the struggles when you grow is the balance between resources to answer people while staying true to your tagline and pass cost savings on to those . In your case, it seems as if you submitted your question on the 26th of June, right during our London opening and preparations for a couple of turbulent days of opening events.

    Although we try to get back, and hit 90% in this, within 24 hours, it is simply very difficult to get this done for all questions submitted. Especially when you, as very small organization also need to weed out the spam from the real customer question. You would not believe how much traffic is generated which can just be dismissed.

    Moral of my answer: yes, it is difficult, we do our best and it is too easy to just say “add this guy to the support team”. Diego has enough on his plate as it is, answering tweets, facebook posts and tripadvisor/booking.com comments for 4 hotels.


    Lennert de Jong
    citizenM hotels

    • http://commetrics.drkpi.ch/articles/what-they-do-not-teach-you-at-lady-gaga-university/ Urs E. Gattiker

      @lennertdejong:disqus thanks so much for replying.

      Second, I apologise for replying so late, somehow I missed this thoughtfull comment.

      Now to what you mention these facts it becomes obvious that we agree even more than I thought. Such as:

      a – social media is not scalable – meaning there is usually not enough resources to go around to satisfy people’s greater demand for better and faster service…. hence priorities must be made.
      see also What is Facebook good for? (click on text)
      b – design the process so it meets your standards while assessing it regularly in order to improve accordingly (your comment about the 90% above).

      Where we might slightly disagree is probably that I find the following

      citizenM hotels’ website makes it unreasonably difficult to find the contact form for asking a question.

      There might be a misunderstanding but I did not recommend to add more staff…. instead to maybe refrain from giving your clients a reason for having too great an expectation to get replies quickly. Nevertheless, if one goes public and raises these expectations (print and online), the result is that potential clients like me are puzzled when things do not work.

      Finally, I congratulate you @citizenlennert:twitter and your team for doing with so few resources so well in the social media space…. chapeau!

      Urs E. Gattiker

      Where we maybe

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